Small bug with workaround

After the last update there is a small bug.
The detection of USB drives is broken when two or more USB flash drives are found.

Workaround :
Disconnect all you USB flash drives and connect only the drive you want to use.

Thanks for reporting.

I want to inform that currently I am working on updates on ISO detection and extraction.
While these will improve greatly the new code this requires some time. New languages will also be added.
These updates are planed for next release.

Others required me to add support for USB hard disk drives. I need two or three beta testers because I don't own one.
If you are interested contact me.
This is planed but I don't know when it will be ready.

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Update: version

New update which includes :

  • Language files
    • English
    • Albanian
    • Greek
    • Spanish
  • Memory optimizations
  • Windows 7 optimized
  • Minor fixes

You can download it from here:

Direct Link , MediaFire , SkyDrive

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