A bootable USB beta testing begins ...

This new version of A bootable USB sets new standards.
Works on Windows® 2000 and later. Although all the tests that have been made,it would be nice to report if it is working or not on your system.

Requirements are:

  • An USB Drive ( capacity depends on source size )
  • Any Windows® from 2000 and later as the host OS ( host OS = OS that you will be running the application)
  • Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 2008,Windows® 2008R2 ( x86 or x64)

That's for all now.
Download it here:

Please for those who get into trouble should provide some infos until these get fixed.
  1. You use a folder or ISO
  2. Windows you are running it on ( x86 or x64, if you don't know don't worry)
  3. USB drive ( capacity and filesystem )
  4. and the last one but not related is antivirus or security software you are using ( for compatibility )
Thank you all for your patience.

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2 screenshots of A bootable USB upcoming version

Screenshot on Windows 7
and this on Windows 2000 Professional .

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A bootable USB

From now on here will be posted new versions of "A bootable USB"

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